Creme De La Combo

Designer dogs have their day.

Looking for a hybrid dog with a great combo? Thafs exactly what you get when you adopt the right designer dog, according to breeder Lucy Gerold of North Country Kennels in fronton, MN ¡].

In Gerald's two decades of experience, breeding poodles with other purebreds creates some winning combinations. Poodles shed very little, but they're not overly social. Crossing a poodle with, say, a lab or a sehnauzer, gives you an outgoing dog that is neither aggressive nor shy—and sheds so little that it "opens up a whole new life to someone with allergies to have a family dog," Lucy says. "Having a dog like that is like having power steering—once you try it, you never want to go back."

First-generation mixes also create something called hybrid vigor, which means the dog doesn't tend to be vulnerable to the health problems of either constituent breed, Lucy says. "There's a lower risk of health problems, a better temperament, and less shedding. Whafs not to like?"

Oodles of Poodle Mixes

Looking for a dog that is fun, friendly and easy on your allergies? Thafs exactly what you get when you mix poodles and other breeds. If you decide to adopt one, be sure to work with a reputable breeder who knows about training and behavioral issues.

Sdinauzer + Poodle = Sdinoodle

Active, good with children, soft, fluffy coat

Labrador + Poodle — Labradoodle

Intelligent, active, easily trained

Golden Retriever + Boodle == GoMendoode

Intelligent, easily trained, gentie

Cocker Spaniel + Poodle - Cockapoo

Excellent family dogs, playful, social

Shihtzu + Poodle - Shih-Poo

Friendly, easily trained, mild temperament

Maltese + Poodle - MaW-Poo

Bright happy, playful, gentle

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