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While we bask in better weather, short-haired, shaved and lightly pigmented dogs can use extra protection from the sun. Doggies* are pet goggles that give canine eyes a respite from the glare (and make your dog look awfully cool). Doggies SPf 15 Ptt Sunscreen does the trick on a dog's sensitive skin, especially if he has a pink nose or light skin. Rover will be made in the shade with Pet Frenzy's Fantasy Stare Dog Visor and Sporting Dog Pet Visor. Eclipse any trouble when driving between adventures with Doggies Car Window Sun Shade that attaches to the backseat side window.

Sea. Spot. Run. Surf, sand, and salt air are nirvana for your dog, too. If you're looking for a great beach or lake in your area where you can take your dog, check out for a complete listing of beaches in the United States and Canada that welcome you and your buddy. S


ish you had a great photo of your pooch? Taking one is a snap-all you need is time, film (or digital memory), and imagination. Here are ten tips from professional pet photographers for capturing your canine's charisma on camera.


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When it cornés to light, natural is always best—especially if you want to avoid the dreaded red-eye effect Kim Levin of Bark & Smile Pet Portraits in New Jersey ( prefers to photograph dogs outdoors for this reason. 'Natural light also brings out the detail in a dog's coat, and ifs especially effective with black dogs," says Kim, whose photography books include Why We Love Dogs, (Andrews McMeel, 1998). If you want to shoot indoors, Kim says, "Pick a room where you've got nice windows and lots of natural light coming in."


■ Set the Mood If you try to have total control over the photo session, you'll only end up frustrated, says Zachary Folk, a Seattle portrait photographer who specializes in dogs ( "One of my favorite things about dogs is that they're fairly oblivious to the camera. Dogs will be dogs—they're so candid, they're not self-conscious, and they're totally themselves."

I Run Him Around

You want your dog to be relaxed for the photo session.— and it probably wouldn't hurt if he was a bit tired, too. "Exhaust your dog first," says Zachary. "Go to a dog park and let him romp around." You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to get a pooped-out pup to pose.

Time Ybur Uraab When you're trying to get your dog to sit still or look in a certain direction, it may be time to break out the doggie treats. For best results, start with a hungry dog. "If you use food as a reward, use minia-cule amounts and make them work for it," says Texas photographer Margaret Bryant, owner of Margaret Bryant Photography ( "You don't want them to get full and stop cooperating."

Get Down With Your Dog "I like to be at the same level as the dog, so I'm not always shooting down at him/' says Kim. That often means lying down on the ground—so be sure to wear old cbthes when you're planning a photo session and get a picture from your favorite angle: eye-to-eye.

5 Seoul Your Location "Setting and environment are really critical— whether it be inside on a couch or outdoors at the beach. I like to put dogs somewhere where they look as though they really belong," says Kim. Keep the background simple, to allow the camera to focus on the dog. "I like to have sky, clouds or trees, which compositianally is a pleasing layout," says Zachary.

7 Grab Your PeTs Attention Want your pooch to sit still? Try wiggling a tennis ball or her favorite toy over your head. Or make an unusual noise—Kim finds that a couple of toots on a harmonica will get Fido to pay attention and maybe even cock her head.

8 Experiment When it comes to creativity, the sky's the limit Try a variety of settings, times of day and backgrounds. Vary your composition by using profiles and other angles, or try framing your pet a bit off-center. Experiment with a wide-angle lens or black-and-white film, and get action shots as well as stills. For more ideas, visit web sites like and

i Keep Your Camera Handy Kim advises that you always have your camera charged, loaded and ready for action. "Have it sitting around so that when your dog does something cute, you have a chance of catching it."

'i 0 Focus on Fun "Taking photos of your own dog is a lot of fun, so go outside and click away," says Margaret. Go out and shoot till the dog gets tired—or you do! And repeat as often as you'd like. You'll reap the rewards for years to come.

Painted Pooches

Some people prefer to preserve their pooch's personality in a painted portrait *A hand-drawn portrait is a one-of-a-kind artwork that can be modem, realistic or impressionistic, depending on the dog-owner's taste,* says Cherie Vtergos of Pet Portraits by Cherie in Bremerton, Washington (portraits

Using one or two photos of your dog, artists like Cherie can paint a picture with exactly the background, pose, and toys that you want-often in as little time as one week. To choose a portraitist first decide which style and medium suits your taste. Cherie Verges works in a realist style in pencils and pastels. But Donald E Brown of Laguna Beach, CA. favors aaylics and an expressionistic style when capturing the personalities of his canine subjects. Donald's work is pictured below and can be seen at

For more information about dog portraits, visit our website aA benefuLcom.

For more information about dog portraits, visit our website aA benefuLcom.

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"It's All Goin' To The Dogs!" The poker tournament for Animal Avengers.

★ Whenever Shannon Elizabeth has a "ruff" day in the Hollywood trenches, she looks to her best friends for comfort. "Everything could be going wrong—work-wise, relationship-wise," she says. "But playing with my dogs reminds me that life and love are more important than any of those things."

Four-legged friends don't care if you're famous or not, which may be one reason why celebrities love them so much. When actor Michael Vartan was on Alias, his chocolate lab, Millie, joined him on the set every day. Celebs like Meg Ryan (with her yorkie) and Bette Midler (with her Jack Russell) share their glamorous lives with their pooches.

But few stars are as passionate about dogs as Elizabeth, who's best known as the sultry Czech exchange student in the American Pie movies. Since separating from her husband last year, Elizabeth has lived alone in her 1926 Spanish colonial house with five pooches she rescued from the streets. Her youngest, a basenji/shiba inu mix named Casper, joined the family a few months ago after Elizabeth found him in front of a Starbucks on a rainy winter morning. "I'd never seen such a tiny puppy," she recalls. "He fit in the palm of my hand." Casper may be small, but he holds his own with Elizabeth's other dogs: Boomer (a terrier), Yoda (a dachshund-chihuahua mix), Winnie (a long-haired chihuahua) and Katie (a boxer-pit bull mix). "The older he gets, the stronger he gets and the more he annoys them," Elizabeth laughs. "He's very cute with Katie. He pulls on her ears, then curls up with her."

Five years ago, Elizabeth followed her passion and started Animal Avengers, which rescues strays and finds owners for them. Elizabeth uses her fame to raise money for the group. She hosted a charity gala at January's Sundance Film Festival. Jessica Biel and Bai Ling showed up; Kelly Osbourne brought her puggle, Jazzy. At the party, guests walked away with gift bags geared to their furry pals. Recently, she and a team of friends—Survivor host Jeff Probst, rock guitarist Dave Navarro, and *NSync's Lance Bass—went on GSN's Celebrity Blackjack and won $200,000 for the group.

Elizabeth likes to indulge her little pals. She has a special dog room in her house that includes a fire hydrant mural on one wall and an individual kennel for each pooch with a mattress covered in either Scooby Doo or Hello Kitty sheets. Elizabeth's dogs even have their own TV. "It's best to put on cartoons," she says. "They like all the high-pitched sound effects." But the bonds run deeper than fashion. Growing up in Waco, TX, Elizabeth had a toy poodle named Angel, until someone left the back door open and Angel ran away. "I cried, and cried, and cried," recalls Elizabeth, now 32. "I swore that when I grew up I'd have tons of animals. Now I'm making my dreams come true."

Celebrities know that their special four-legged friends don't care if they're famous or not.

The Dog Whisperer

When Oprah Winfrey was having behavioral problems with her cocker spaniel, Sophie, she turned for professional help to the man who has become known as Hollywood's Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. In the eight years since he started his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, Millan has treated behavioral problems of dogs belonging to celebs such as Nicolas Cage, Hilary Duff, Michael Bay, and Ridley Scott.

In nearly every case, Millan says, the problem isn't the dog, but the owner. "All humans, especially in America, begin with affection, affection, affection, instead of exercise and discipline—and then affection," says Millan, 36, who grew up on his grandfather's ranch in Mexico and was known as El Perreo, or "The Dog Man." You have to be the pack leader, he adds, which means mastering a calm but assertive voice and being ready to correct. "Someone has to be in charge."

Millan's mutt miracles are winning converts. On Winfrey's show, Millan brought two Italian greyhounds, a Rottweiler, a pit bull and a chihuahua to meet Sophie—and within minutes had all of them in one room and playing nice. "Isn't she calm and submissive?" Winfrey marveled, stroking the cocker's head. "Good girl." 11

Pick of the Litter two great dogs, two loving families


Maggie is low to the ground but her energy is high.

BACK TO BASSETS: Bassets tend to be very relaxed and people-oriented. I love their comical looks—Hie long, droopy ears, the excess skin and stubby legs. Bassets are clever; they know haw to manipulate you to get whatever they want

LONG-EARED liVE-WIRE: Maggie is very sweet and wants to please-but she also has a very high energy level. She loves to retrieve, and lately she's been digging up snails in the garden. She's just like a baby who wants to put everything in her mouth.

DOGGIE DAY CARE: With Maggie in the family, our house looks like doggie day care, with toys everywhere. Her favorite squeaky toy is a stuffed puree.

BASSET BUDDIES: ffs just wonderful that Maggie and our six-year-old basset. Daphne, get along beautifully. They have the sweetest relationship! Maggie idolizes Daphne and loves to wash her face. The/re a good influence on each other.

by Nancy Timmcms as told to Catherine Wcrfd

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The perfect pooch comes in all colors and sixes.

When it comes to dogs, some oí us have a favorite hreed, while others feel "the more breeds the merrier." It's an age-old debate—purebred vs. mutt— but happily ifs a debate that no one can lose. In this issue of Deng's Life, we look at two lucky dogs with nothing in common. Nothing, that is, except the wonderful bond they've formed with the families who chose them and took them in.


A hurricane brought Hubie to this family.

POST-STORM SURPRISE: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, home temporarily. She was the sweetest, most wonderful 52 homeless dogs were airlifted last October from the Gulf girt! We were able to track down her owner, who had been Coast region to St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in relocated to Texas, but it turned out Casey wasn't ready to

Madison, New Jersey, where I work. A border collie mix travel yet A few days later she gave birth to four puppies on named Casey wasn't doing well, so I agreed to take her our living room couch!

Naacy DupfM aad pure muH HiAto.

by Nancy Oupree as told to Catherine Wald

Naacy DupfM aad pure muH HiAto.

PUPPY LOVE: Those puppies turned our household upside-down, but what a thrill it was for my 1 1-year-old daughter, Allison, and all the neighborhood children! Hubie was the only male of the group of puppies, and he was so friendly and wonderful that we decided to keep him.

BORN TO FETCH: Hubie is definitely a stick retriever. Whenever we go outside, he has to pick something up. He does a lot of leaf chasing and catching and when he's done with that, He wants to turn around and bring his new prize inside.

CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK: Our great new dog Hubie has the same sweet disposition as his mom. He's very affectionate with people, and he just loves to give puppy kisses.

by Nancy Oupree as told to Catherine Wald


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Pick of the Litter finding the perfect pup

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