Gathering the tools you need

Before you get started, gather all the tools you need for the ear-cleaning session. (For more about grooming tools, see Chapter 3.) Doing so makes the ear-cleaning session go more smoothly. Having all your implements in one place makes all the difference between a pleasant experience and one that isn't so pleasant.

Here's what you need to clean your dog's ears:

Mild otic (ear-cleaning) solution for dogs: Don't use anything with insecticides. Otic solution is available at groomer's supply houses.

il Sterile gauze or sponges: Use the gauze or sponges for removing the otic solution or cleaner.

I Surgical forceps or clamps: No, you're not doing surgery. You wrap the clamp or forceps with the gauze and then wipe the gauze inside the ears to clean out any dirt and otic solution.

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