Organizing Your Accoutrements

After you have your grooming area planned out and your equipment and supplies gathered, it's time to organize and put everything together. You want to organize and assemble your equipment according to the tasks you'll be performing. For example, you want to have all your bathing supplies in one area so that you have everything you need in one spot when bathing your dog. Organize your supplies as follows, using a separate plastic container for each supplies category:

i Brushing supplies

• Shedding blade

• Spray bottle of detangler solution

• Stripping knife i Bathing supplies

• Conditioner

• pH-balanced shampoo

• Protective eye ointment

• Towels and a blow-dryer l Clipping supplies

• Electric clippers with clipper oil or lubricant

• Extra clipper blades (as needed) l Toothbrushing supplies

• Doggie toothbrush

• Doggie toothpaste l Ear-care supplies

• Drying towels

• Otic solution

• Sterile gauze l Face-care supplies

• No-rinse shampoo

• Tear stain remover

• Washcloth l Toenail-trimming supplies

• Cauterizer or styptic powder

• Toenail clippers or nail grinder l Show supplies (Chapter 18 provides a list.)

Dog Owners Handbook

Dog Owners Handbook

There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. Recognizing the type of the dog is basically associated with its breed. A purebred animal belongs to a documented and acknowledged group of unmixed lineage. Before a breed of dog is recognized, it must be proven that mating two adult dogs of the sametype would have passed on their exact characteristics, both appearance and behavior, to their offspring.

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