Training Your Dog for Grooming

In This Chapter

^ Drilling your dog on essential grooming manners

^ Helping your dog accept being touched in sensitive areas such as paws and face ^ Establishing a grooming routine ^ Handling troublesome dogs

5o you dread the idea of grooming your dog. All dog owners, at one time or another, have had a dog they just couldn't groom. Perhaps a dog's bad experience being brushed or combed was to blame, or maybe you cut a toe-nail too short (Ouch!) and your dog bled and now won't let you near him, or maybe your dog just doesn't like the bath. Whatever the reason, you're facing a dog who doesn't like to be groomed.

The truth is you still can have a dog who at least tolerates grooming. The trick is to train your dog to get him used to what you normally do when grooming him, such as putting him on the table or gently handling his mouth or feet. In this chapter, I give you great pointers on how to show your dog that the basics of grooming are not such a bad experience after all.

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