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Identifying your dogs emotional needs

I Anger i Apprehension i Depression 1 Fear i Happiness 1 Joy i Sadness You can see your dog exhibit some of these emotions, such as joy and happiness, on a daily basis, but what about sadness and depression Dogs react with the same emotions that people have with the loss of a loved one, be it a member of the family or another dog.

Ten Great Choices for Your Dachsie Bookshelf

Gretchen The Bicycle Dog, by Anita Heyman (Dutton Juvenile). In this fascinating children's book, a Dachshund ruptures a spinal disk and becomes paralyzed but is determined to stay moving. Her family buys her a cart and then she lives a happy life. This book would be great for kids in a family whose Dachshund has this problem.

The Issue of Dominance

Wolf Leadership Traits

Dog owners will improve their relationships with their dogs by placing emphasis on respect, clear communication, and mutual cooperation, rather than on dominance. The domestication of dogs has given us power over them by virtue of their dependence on us for survival. We must control our dogs for their safety and well-being, but we must be careful not to abuse this power. Instead, we should use this power in a positive way to allow our dogs to live a happy life and to give ourselves the full benefit of our relationship with dogs.

The crying game

If the crying keeps you awake, you can always move your Dachshund to another room, although he'll probably be happier in the room with you. If the whining gets frantic, get up and take your puppy to his special spot in the yard or on the newspaper. Stay calm and reassuring, but don't make a big fuss this will just reward your Dachshund for his whining.

Your Dogs Worldview

Before you jump into training your dog and strengthening your relationship, it is important to understand exactly what motivates your dog's happiness. Understanding how your dog thinks, views your home, and communicates with you is possible once you look at the world from your dog's perspective. The impulses that relate him to a breed (or a mix of breeds), his personality, and his energy level are all aspects of your dog that will shape his worldview and his association to you.


Punishment is an inescapable fact of life. From a behavioral perspective, punishment is everywhere, defining what will and will not occur without discomfort or disappointment. Taken together, the escape-avoidance of aver-sive events and the acquisition-maximization of rewarding ones form the yin and yang of behavior. Confucius discerned the importance of difficult trials in one's life The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Similarly, Aristotle extolled the virtues of pleasure and pain for achieving the happy life. In his Nico-machean Ethics (1985), he writes, The next task, presumably, is to discuss pleasure. For it seems to be especially proper to our kind, and hence when we educate children we steer them by pleasure and pain. Besides, enjoying and hating the right things seems to be most important for virtue of character. For pleasure and pain extend through the whole of our lives, and are of great importance for virtue and the happy life,...

Dogs Are Our Mirrors

Often the first awareness I have of being in a particular mood is when it is reflected in my dog. Her behavior reflects my tension or my relaxation, my anxiety or my peacefulness, my depression or my happiness. When I am in a bad mood, I often find her hiding in her crate, avoiding me. Seeing this makes me feel terrible. I can then put things in perspective and relax, much to the relief of the rest of my family. My dog, acting as a mirror, has helped me to see myself.

The CWord

Dogs, unfortunately, are almost as susceptible to cancer as their human parents. While the gut reaction upon hearing the c-word may be sadness, anger, and tears, there are many types of tumors and growths that can now be treated successfully to allow your dog a long, happy life.

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