Normal or Neurotic We Just Love Our Dogs

If you're the average dog owner, your dog is much less a pet and far more a member of your family. You delight in his silly little expressions, love taking her to the park every weekend, and snuggle with him for naps. If you're one of the more neurotic dog owners, you take her for manicures, dress him in sweaters and pants, drop her off for days at the doggie day spa, and spend more on his bed than on your own. Sure, she pulled all of the toilet paper off the roll last week just to see what happened, he demolishes your furniture once in a while, and sometimes you just don't know why she does of the things she does, but he or she is still your baby. Bad moods pass and moments of mischievous behavior are quickly eclipsed by those big, wide, brown eyes staring up at you adoringly.

But what if something happened to your precious pooch? Would you know what to do? Could you help her recover from shock? Do you know the warning signs of the more major diseases and disorders?

Without seeming too dramatic, that knowledge can mean the difference between life and death for your pup. If you don't get your poochie to a veterinarian soon enough, some diseases can be debilitating or even fatal.

But you've tried reading those other reference books and they were all "blah blah blah" boredom, right? This one's different. It's not a complete encyclopedia of canine anatomy and biology and doesn't read like one, so you can make it through the whole book rather than letting it sit on the shelf until you run into an emergency. And really, do you want to be flipping through the index of a reference book when your dog is choking?

You won't find exotic and uncommon diseases here, but you will find conditions and illnesses that crop up in canines on a regular basis. With fun facts and quick tips, this is one manual you can read all the way through without waking up to a drool-stained keyboard thirty minutes after beginning. Phrased as questions and answers rather than a lecture, you should be able to find the solutions to most of the basic health dilemmas you encounter with your dog. And for emergencies, flip directly to the last chapter to find information about choking, shock, bleeding, and other urgent problems.

So read on, enjoy, and keep that precious pup happy and healthy!

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