Nothin But Natural

While you probably love to spoil your pooch rotten with all of the gourmet goodies you can find in our companion volume, you know that the most important thing for any doggie diet is health. Your pup needs quality ingredients, the right nutritional proportions, and something that will keep him full and satisfied without packing on the pounds. This can be a tough balance to strike, especially when you factor in the work required of you to make the food. As you know, it's super-easy to go pick up...

Preparation Cooking

Pour hot water over butter, then slowly stir in milk, salt, and egg. Add flour 150 ml 1 2 cup at a time until combined, then knead for 5 minutes or until a stiff dough is formed. Roll to thickness and cut into desired shapes or sizes. Bake at 160 325 F for 50 minutes. Cool overnight. Poochy a little pudgy Egg substitute can be used to lighten this recipe if he just can't give up his treats. Make your own variations on the classic dog biscuit with this classic recipe.