Finding Fido or Fifi

There are certain prerequisites that you need to keep in mind before you get yourself a pet. The breed you choose and where you get it from also plays a role in how fast you can housetrain your dog. You have to make sure that you are you going to be around for the dog because you need to invest in terms of time to housetrain a dog or a puppy. Housetraining also depends on where you live—in an apartment or a house. There are some things you need to keep in mind to make housebreaking your dog an easier and more comfortable tasks. For example:

- What's the breed you've fallen for?

There are some breeds that are very quick to housetrain for example like German Shepherds because they are so eager to please their masters. There are some breeds like the Basset Hounds that are quite a challenge to train. If you have decided and found the breed that you want, then make it a point to research all about its requirements. Do as much investigation about the breed of your choice as you possibly can. Meet other owners, check with the local dog club, surf the net and schedule meetings with a breeder. You must be sure that this breed is best suited to your temperament and that you can take care of it by having the patience to train it and nurture it.

- Have you found a responsible breeder? This might seem terribly unconnected with housetraining—but hey! It is not! A responsible breeder would give you a good quality dog that is free of genetic diseases that could impair his physical and mental abilities and thus make him harder to train. A reliable breeder would take care to socialize the puppies and make them responsive to human beings. An unsocialized pup would be temperamentally unbalanced, scared of humans, shy or stubborn and therefore very difficult to train.

■ Where do you live? Do you live in a house that has access to a yard? Or do you live in an apartment that doesn't even have a balcony? You would have to think about these things because your dog would need to answer the calls of nature—so where is he or she going to go? If you live in a house with a fenced off yard that is accessible from your kitchen through a doggy door—it's definitely an advantage. If you live in an apartment you need to mark out the potty area and separate it from the rest of the living quarters. Where you live will decide if you want the dog to eliminate outside in the yard or inside on paper.

- What are the weather conditions like when you're bringing home your dog? Now this is not a polite what's the weather like conversation—it really makes a difference! For example, if your are bringing home a puppy when there is one foot of snow on the ground, it might become difficult to take the pup outside every three or four hours to potty train him or her because the weather is such that you cannot expose the dog to it.

- Is your pet spayed or neutered? This has a big effect on housetraining because it is seen that male dogs that are not neutered have a tendency to be more dominating and to show off their power, they tend to spray and mark their territory. Similarly, female dogs would have bouts of irritability and be a bit snappy and uncooperative during their seasons. A neutered or spayed pet is easier to train and seen to be more obedient.

■ How old is your dog? Is your dog a puppy or an adult? Some will argue that an adult dog is easier to train than a puppy but that's not always true. For example if the adult dog hasn't been socialized adequately and is a bit insecure and has an attitude problem, it's going to be tough training him. A puppy is more like fresh clay that you can mold into a pattern suiting your routine. Never get a pup that is less that 8 weeks old—for a well-rounded personality, no dog should be separated from his mother and siblings until it is at least eight weeks old. That is because the first socialization is with the mother and the littermates and it would make for a secure and well-balanced pet. However, housetraining your dog depends on how you train the dog, no matter what the age is.

Be sure to choose the right breed, decide on the sex of the dog and the age as well. Never get carried away by the looks of a dog. Impulsive buying of a pet without an inkling of the responsibility that comes with it is unfair to the pet. Research and see what each breed requires and what kind of temperament he or she comes with. Don't bring home a dog if you are not ready and then take it to a shelter because he or she cannot be housetrained. If the dog cannot be housetrained, you are more responsible than the dog because you didn't pull the right strings.

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