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No, there is no need to hire someone to do the housetraining—just get some inputs from the experts. Have a chat with the breeder. If you have zeroed in on a responsible breeder he or she will be willing to give you suggestions. The breeder would also tell you how he has been housetraining the puppy and at what intervals you would need to take the dog out. The breeder would also know of some of the quirks and body signals that are indicative of the fact that it's time to go.

Alternatively, you can also speak to a vet, whom you trust enough to advise you. The vet would tell you what exactly to do with the whole picture in mind. That is, the vet is the perfect person to advise you on the diet of the dog, which impacts the elimination process. After all, what a dog eats, and how much he eats would determine the calls of nature. This would help the vet advise you on how to schedule the potty times.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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