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This book is set up in a very straight forward fashion. It is designed to take you from the moment you bring your dog home, through a rigorous 7 day training drill and then finally leave you with a well house mannered dog at the end of the 7 day period.

Most dogs can be successfully housebroken in 7days. You must understand that some dogs may take longer to train. However, 7 days is all it will take to get even the most stubborn dog into the housetraining routine.

If you stick to the plan outlined in this book you should not have any doggie accidents right from the start!

To use this book read each day's lesson 1 day in advance of implementing the training.

Best of luck to you and your new companion!

You cannot possibly live happily with a dog unless you have it housetrained. It's the first issue you need to address once you bring your dog home. Actually—you need to address this issue of housetraining even before you bring your dog home!

Some people feel it's a pretty daunting task to housebreak a puppy or a dog. It is, but it shouldn't scare you off. People begin by being scared and end up with a badly trained pet. Often pets are abandoned because they seem to be immune to training. The major thing you need to learn is that a housetrained dog is one who can control his natural urges and get you to help him or her. If your idea of a housetrained dog is one who opens the latch and helps himself out or someone who uses the potty and flushes it, then it will be a very daunting task indeed!

However, if you know the tricks of the trade, things get easier. In fact, this book is going to show you how you can have your dog well on his way to being housetrained in a week. Yes in a week, which by the way, means seven days! No miracles promised but a week is enough to have your dog attuned to what the potty rules are in the house. All it takes is a bit extra on your part for the next 7 days.

The book will show you what to begin with before you bring home your dog—as in what are the tools you need and how you can begin to slide your dog into a comfortable routine. It will guide you through the difficult times, when your dog seems to not understand really what to do or perhaps be rather stubborn about things.

Learn what your dog is really thinking and feeling and try and understand that he or she is on unfamiliar ground with only you as the guide. Learn the signals and the body language of your dog that would alert you to the fact that the dog's gotta to do what the dogs gotta do!

Learn also what your dog requires from you—as in patience to see him or her through the demand of housebreaking, firmness to stick to the program and the love to iron out the rough spots and put a paper over the accidents. Along the way you will realize that it was the housetraining drill that helped to establish a bond between you and your pet apart from disciplining him to the fact that the house is not for potty.

This book will walk you through day one to day seven and hold your hand through the routine of housebreaking your dog. Whether it's a puppy or a dog, a male or a female and no matter what breed it is—your dog needs to be housebroken. It will help to make your life easier and your dog's as well. It just takes a little extra knowledge and a few helpful hints to set you and your pet on the right track. Don't give up—after all you love your dog enough to go the distance and at the end of seven days, you will see that your dog has fallen into the routine and is on his way to being absolutely housetrained and accident-free! Good luck to you and your dog!


Chapter 1:

So you're bringing home your newest family member and—it's a Dog! Congratulations—you couldn't have made a better choice of companion! It's going to be a responsibility and a joy and the first lesson you need to help your dog with is housetraining. However, are you sure though that you've done all the right things to get your dog and that you are on the right track, or are you on a blind date?

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