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I've lived with dogs all my life and I can honestly say that I'm a "dog passionate" person. I've always been fascinated by how much a dog can learn if you take the time to teach him. At the moment, I live with a Golden Retriever who is a typical "book dog". You know the kind of dog you can train by following the training principles you can read in most books. I also have a Miniature Schnauzer who is completely the opposite! I had to write my own book to train her. I had to figure out how her head was working and that gave me a whole new perspective on dogs.

I decided to write this book because there are lots of dogs like my Miniature Schnauzer who don't fit completely in traditional training, that are not your typical "book dog". You have to think of new ways to help them understand.

As for the content of this book, although grammatically-speaking I should use "it" to refer to your dog or puppy, I couldn't bring myself to use it. For me a dog is not just a thing. So I used he or she so you could relate more easily the information I'm providing you with your puppy. I've also opted for the direct style. This book is for you and since I really want to help you establish a great relationship with your dog and get through this housetraining phase as easily as I can, it made more sense to me to write this book as if I was talking to you in person.

Technically speaking, housetraining is the process of teaching your dog to eliminate outside. Since a lot of people aren't aware of this, I've decided to

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All Rights Reserved Worldwide use the term housetraining as a general concept and use the expressions "outdoor training" and "indoor training" to make the difference between the two methods you can choose from.

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How To Housetrain Any Dog

How To Housetrain Any Dog

Fundamentals of Dog and Puppy Training. Although dogs shouldn't be attributed with having human characteristics, they are intelligent enough to be able to understand the concept of, and execute, certain actions that their owners require of them - if these actions are asked in a way that dogs find rewarding.

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