Are you Singing in the Rain

A lot of dogs don't like to go potty in the rain. If that's the case with your puppy, you must train him to like it. Just take every opportunity to accompany your puppy outside when it's raining. If your puppy doesn't eliminate, put him back in his crate and try again 15 minutes later. Do this until he eliminates. Don't forget to praise him lavishly when he does. Another way to solve this problem is to go for a walk when it's raining. Since dogs like walks so much, your puppy will associate rain with an opportunity to be with you and he won't mind going outside afterward.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

This is for people who want to potty train their dog NOW. Discover The Ability To Finally Potty Train Your Dog In No Time! I'm going to get right down to it... If you've found this page, either you or someone you know has a puppy that needs to be potty trained. Maybe you've tried a ton of various methods you've read about but have had no success. How can some people potty train their puppy with hardly any effort?

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