Caught in the act

We've already talked a bit earlier about what you should do when you catch your puppy eliminating where he's not supposed to. Let's review this.

First, say a firm "outside" or "toilet" so he stops eliminating dead in his tracks. Next, pick him up and grab the leash on your way out or to the toilet stop. This is the only time that you would pick up your dog. All the other times, you want to accompany him to his EZ or TS so he can learn faster the way to the right place. Furthermore, if you're always picking him up, he'll never learn to ask you that he needs to go.

Once at the EZ or TS, wait for your puppy to finish what he had started, don't forget to repeat your command word and then praise him like crazy. Don't forget to play a couple of minutes before going back inside.

You next task will be to clean thoroughly. We've seen how in details in chapter 9.

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