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What do experts mean by "Dogs are denning animals"? They mean that instinctively your dog won't want to soil the place where she sleeps and eats. That's why a crate is the most useful tool you can use to dramatically speed up the housetraining process.

Since your puppy won't want to soil her crate, she will develop bladder and bowel controls and learn to hold it until it is time to go to her elimination zone or toilet stop.

Please don't let your own perceptions of a crate deprive your dog to satisfy her most basic needs. A lot of people think that putting a puppy in a crate is cruel. It is NOT. On the contrary, yourpuppy's crate will become her own cozy place where she can go to rest. Most dogs continue to go in their crate even after the housetraining stage is over because it satisfies their profound denning instinct.

Finally, a crate gives you peace of mind when you can't supervise or interact with your dog because you know that she is in a safe and comfortable place and can't destroy anything precious while she's there.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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