Choosing an Elimination Zone or Toilet Stop

You have to decide where you want your puppy to eliminate. For those of you who will outdoor train their puppy, choose a place that is easily accessible and relatively quiet and that won't get too muddy. For example, I

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All Rights Reserved Worldwide chose a corner of my backyard not too close to the street so my dogs won't get distracted when it's time to go. We will call this place the Elimination Zone (EZ).

Of course, for the city dog, the elimination zone will probably be the gutter. No matter which spot you choose, just follow the seven-step technique (p. 37) and everything is going to be fine.

The reason I want you to choose a spot and always bring your dog there is that dogs have a very powerful sense of smell. It only takes one pee and poop for your dog to recognize the spot after that. The smell will trigger your dog's desire to eliminate and speed up the whole process.

Dogs also want to "refresh" their spot or "mark" another dog's spot with their own smell, so unless you want to stop at every telephone posts and every hydrants you encounter, don't let your dog sniff those when you're going on a walk with him.

The toilet stop is the equivalent of the elimination zone but it's inside your house. You have to choose a place that won't be in the way, but not too isolated so that your puppy will have a hard time finding it. I would recommend the bathroom. The floor surface is usually easy to clean up, there is generally a fan that makes it easier to get rid of the odor and it is usually on the same floor as the one where you'll set up your puppy's domain.

The base of a litter box or a low-base plastic box lined with paper would be perfect . For those of you who also have a cat, forget the idea ofhaving your four-legged friends share the same litter box . Believe me, it won't work and you'll have more problems to solve that you can think of.

Some people choose to have their dog eliminate in a low-base storage box (like those you can find in hardware stores and that you can slide under your bed) lined with grass and put on the balcony . It is certainly a good idea, but remember that at one point you'll have to replace the grass .

Ok . So your puppy's domain is ready, you know if you want him to eliminate inside or outside and you have chosen the perfect spot for him . It is now time for you to accomplish your first tasks as a new owner: get your puppy used to his leash and collar .

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