There are absolutely no doubts in my mind that crate training your dog is the most "canine" service you can render to your dog. Besides speeding up dramatically the housetraining process, a crate provides your dog with a safe place to rest. It also makes traveling with your dog by car more secure. Furthermore, if you have to let your dog to the vet overnight, you will make the separation a lot easier for your dog and help her recovery since she will be used to sleeping in a crate. Finally, lots ofhotels won't accept dogs if they are not crate trained.

We're almost there... One last chapter to deal with and we'll really get into the heart ofhousetraining. But before we do so, you have to read the next chapter since food has a big impact on your puppy's ability to get housetrained.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

This is for people who want to potty train their dog NOW. Discover The Ability To Finally Potty Train Your Dog In No Time! I'm going to get right down to it... If you've found this page, either you or someone you know has a puppy that needs to be potty trained. Maybe you've tried a ton of various methods you've read about but have had no success. How can some people potty train their puppy with hardly any effort?

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