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In ┬ęPuppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide, chapter 5 is devoted to food and the considerable role it plays in housetraining your puppy. That's right, the kind of food you give to your puppy has a major impact on his system and his ability to be housetrained. I won't get into disgusting details, but just remember that it is pretty hard to housetrain a dog that has diarrhea...

Some dog foods don't cost much, but are not as nutritious as a premium dog food. Consequently, your puppy will need to eat more of the low-cost food to satisfy his hunger. More food equals more poops. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. When you are housetraining your puppy, you have to try to better the odds. In other words, the more poops that are getting out of your puppy, the harder it is for him be housetrained.

Conversely, a premium dog food will be much more digestible and you'll end up with lot less of poops to pick up at the "other end"!

Here's another life saving tip: Don't exercise your dog an hour before and after eating and don't give your dog lots of waterjust before or after vigorous exercise. Why? Because he can develop an extremely dangerous digestive condition known as bloat. Bloat causes the stomach to expand and, sometimes, to twist. If this happens to your dog, it is an emergency. If you don't bring your dog to a vet without delay, he can die. I don't want to scare you, I just want you to know what might happen if you exercise your dog during that time.

The choice of dog foods on the market is so huge that I've included in ┬ęPuppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide a link to an excellent article that will help you make an informed choice regarding the type of food you should give to your puppy.

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