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In ©Puppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide, the third chapter is devoted to collar and leash training. So, today, we'll explore the reasons why a simple leash can considerably facilitate the housetraining process.

It's really simple actually. The reason why you should use a leash is to help your puppy get down to business instead ofbeing distracted by everything else. For a little puppy, a backyard can be the most exciting place in the world with all the new smells it contains. If you let your puppy outside and don't watch him, two things might happen. First, he can get into trouble by starting to chew on dangerous things. Second, with all the excitement, eliminating will be the last thing on his mind. You'll then end up with a puppy that will pee inside the minute you'll call him back in the house.

To avoid this, you'll use the leash. In ©Puppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide, I explain in details how to get your puppy used to his leash and collar

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All Rights Reserved Worldwide and what kind of collar and leash you should buy. I'm also providing you a great tip to save money when you'll be at the pet store.

Here's a life saving tip for you: NEVER tie your dog and leave him unattended. Your puppy could easily get entangled in the leash and hurt himself very badly. Think of a puppy as a baby and you'll save yourself a lot ofheartaches!

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