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When I wrote ┬ęPuppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide, one very important thing for me was to include a series of solutions to the most common and uncommon housetraining problems. If you start your puppy with my unique 7-step technique and really follow all the instructions given in the Guide, there's no doubt in my mind that housetraining your puppy will be fun and easy.

However, most of my clients ask for my help after months of problems and much gnashing of teeth! Knowing that, I've included tons of tips and explanations in my book to make sure it would answer everyone's needs.

Here's some of the many answers you'll find in the book concerning housetraining problems:

* * * How to react when you catch your puppy "in the act".

*** What to do if your dog was outside for an hour and pee on the carpet the second he comes back inside.

*** Solutions for puppies who don't want to eliminate when it's raining; or who pees when you arrive; etc.

*** Solutions for the adult dog and dogs getting older.

The best tip I can give you to avoid most housetraining problems is "supervision". If you let too much freedom to your puppy, he will leave his "calling card" everywhere. He will learn that it's ok to mess inside the house. If you don't want to use a crate, you can tie your puppy to you with a leash so you can watch him like a hawk!

Finally, don't forget that every time your puppy makes a mistake, he's giving you a perfect opportunity to train him and teach him what you expect ofhim.

Well, that's it. By now you should have a pretty good idea if my book will be useful to you. Of course, in my mind there's no doubt! It is the most comprehensive housetraining guide you'll find on the market.

In fact, I've calculated that it would take over six months to send you all the tips, detailed descriptions, step-by-step techniques, methods and mistakes to avoid found in ┬ęPuppy Housetraining: The Ultimate Guide. By then, you would have probably given up on your dog and that's completely the opposite of what I want.

I'm an active dog obedience and agility trainer and my dogs have to be housetrained by three months of age. I've decided to write this book to help as many people as I can because too many dogs are put down because of housetraining problems.


You now have everything you need to housetrain your puppy in no time. As I've told you, I've made it my mission in life to save as many dogs as I can by helping new owners to build a strong relationship with their new family addition. A housetrained dog goes a long way to achieve that purpose.

Dogs are amazing creatures. You'll see that all the effort and energy put in housetraining your dog will really pay off. What's a couple of months of housetraining if you can spend years ofjoy with your dog afterward?

Finally, always remember that with a little bit of patience, understanding and consistency, there is absolutely nothing you can't teach your dog, including housetraining.

I really hope that my guide is useful to you. Don't hesitate to send me your comments, good or bad. I want this guide to be perfect and to help as many dogs and owners as I can.

Enjoy your dog childhood, it doesn't last very long!

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