Is it Really Worth the Extra Penny

Absolutely. Feeding a good quality food to your dog has a HUGE impact on housetraining and here's why.

When you feed a good quality food to your dog, he needs to eat less of it to satisfy his hunger and to meet his nutritional needs. Consequently, the premium food bag may cost more, but it will last longer.

A good quality food is also more easily digestible. So if you combine these two factors, you end up with a puppy that will eliminate less "by-products". Furthermore, since the excrement will be smaller and firmer (because most of the food will be digested), it will be a lot easier for your puppy to hold it and learn to control his bowel movements. Needless to say that during housetraining, these are winning conditions!

Good quality foods are made with nutritional ingredients. Your dog then gets everything he needs to keep him happy and healthy. Since a healthy dog doesn't have to visit the veterinarian many times a year, you'll save an amazing amount of money on vet bills. Believe me, the annual cost of a premium quality food is a lot less than the cost of cheap food plus the vet bills.

Here's another advantage that most people don't know and that makes feeding your dog a good quality food worthwhile: a well-nourished dog has far less chance to get fleas.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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