Making the Transition

It's now time for your dog to start eliminating outside. All you have to do is follow the seven-step technique explained in detail in chapter 6.

You should start the transition on a weekend so that you can confine your puppy strictly to his crate. It will help speeding up the process ifhe can't soil his domain. When it's elimination time, just follow the steps outlined on page 37.

On Monday, go back to the usual schedule: letting him in his domain while you're at work. It would be cruel to confine your puppy in his crate if you're not there to take him outside. He wouldn't be able to hold it that long and you'll end up with a very difficult housetraining problem to solve.

Here's a problem you may encounter during the transition: when you bring your puppy outside, he doesn't eliminate. In fact, he holds it until he's back inside. Just bring some of your puppy's papers outside and put them on the grass or in the gutter. Place him on the paper and wait for him to get down to business.

Ifhe has not eliminated after 5 minutes, put him back in his crate and wait 15 minutes. Go back outside and repeat the process until he eliminates. The first time your dog eliminates outdoor don't forget to praise him like crazy and give him some treats so he will really associate eliminating outside as something wonderful. Your dog should get the idea pretty soon that his elimination spot is now outside. You'll then be able to remove all the papers.

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