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> DON'T put yourdog's nose in his mess. It has been proven overand over again that all you will accomplish is to make matters worse, scare your puppy and destroy any chance ofbuilding a strong relationship with him.

> DON'T reprimand your dog after he has made a mistake. He won't remember what he has done. A dog's memory ofhis actions lasts only from 1 to 6 seconds. That's why reprimanding your dog for his mess when you arrive from work is absolutely pointless. From your dog's point of view, your arrival is something negative that he should be afraid of.

> DON'T shout at your dog if you catch him in the act. Instead, interrupt him by saying a firm "outside" or "toilet", pick him up (that's the only time you should pick up your dog to bring him to his elimination zone or toilet stop), put his leash on, go to the designated spot, let him finish what he had started at the wrong place and then praise him lavishly for going at the right place. If you scold him, you will only teach him to eliminate when you're not around and that's exactly the opposite of what we want to accomplish. He may also find himself a hidden spot somewhere in your house where he can go "peacefully"! Again, that's not what we want. Calm and vigilance are your best allies when housetraining your dog.

> DON'T walk your dog to have him eliminated. A walk should be a reward for eliminating quickly not the other way around. Believe me, your walks will become longer and longer once your dog will have figured out that eliminating means the end of the walk. He will suddenly be able to hold it for miles!

> DON'T let your dog roam freely in the house until he is completely and reliably housetrained. That's one of the most common mistakes new owners make. Remember, a dog won't soil his leaving quarters, that's why you'll use both types of confinements. Later, once your puppy has learned to control his bladder and that the designated place (EZ or TS) is the one and only place acceptable to do his business, you'll be able to let him explore the rest of the house.

> DON'T praise your dog for eliminating on the paper unless you are among the very few who will need to paper train their dog. The only reason I suggest putting paper on the floor is to make it easier for you to pick up the mess. If you don't mind picking up your puppy's "gifts" directly from the floor, don't hesitate to forget the paper altogether.

> DON'T forget that you are dealing with a puppy. He won't understand what you want until you have taught him in the simplest way. That's why I use the seven-step technique. It's easy to follow and can't be more clear from a dog's point of view.

In the next chapter, A Schedule for Everyone, I've provided you with an example of what a typical day would be like during the housetraining phase of your puppy.

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