The collar

The first time you'll put a collar on your puppy, he'll probably scratch it a lot. That's perfectly normal. By the way, once fastened, you should be able to slip two fingers under your puppy's collar.

To get your puppy used to his collar, put it on him 10 minutes at a time every hour for the first few days. Then let it on for 20 minutes for the next couple of days. After that, for half an hour and so on until he wears it all day long.

NOTE: When you are leaving for work orjust going out for a couple of hours, always take off your puppy's collar when you put him in his crate. That way, you won't have to worry that your puppy's collar gets stuck in the bars of the crate. I know... what are the chances? One in a million, maybe, but why take the risk. Some dogs are real Houdini, don't find out the sad way that your dog was one such dog.

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