The leash

A very easy way to get your puppy used to his leash is to let him drag it around. Of course, you must be with your puppy and watch him when you do that. You don't want him to get stuck somewhere.

Once he doesn't seem to notice the leash, try picking it up but without pulling on it. Just follow your puppy without putting any pressure on the leash. You want your puppy to get used to you being close since he'll have to learn to eliminate while he's on leash.

There are lots of reasons why I want you to teach your dog to eliminate on leash. First of all, you'll be able to control his activities. In other words, when it's time to eliminate it's not the time for him to explore every corner of the backyard.

Puppies forget easily the reason why they're outside if you let them sniff around instead ofkeeping them in the elimination zone where they're supposed to get down to business. Once he has eliminated, your dog will have plenty of time to explore and play. Housetraining your puppy that way helps him learn that the sooner he eliminates the sooner he can play. Believe me, you will greatly appreciate having trained your dog following this method when Mother Nature won't be in a good mood or when you'll be running late!!!

Teaching your dog to eliminate on leash will also make your life a lot easier when you'll be traveling and if you are thinking of getting into dog sport activities.

It's now time to start crate training your dog.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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