Timing is everything

From the beginning, I've told you about the importance of predicting when your puppy will need to eliminate and I've provided you with a blank schedule to help you with this task.

Maybe you are asking yourself: "why is it so important that I write down my puppy's elimination habits?" Because timing is everything! Some dogs will defecate 5 minutes after eating, others 10, 15, 30 minutes later.

In order for you to know when your puppy will need to defecate, you first have to keep a log ofhis habits. Let's say for example that you have determined that your dog usually defecates 20 minutes after eating. I'm sure you would agree with me that accompanying him to his EZ or TS five minutes after his meal would be probably useless. All that would do is make you lose your precious time. Anyway, keeping a log will just make your life a lot easier since it will speed up your puppy's housetraining progress. Remember, every time your dog is right is a step closer to a perfectly housetrained dog.

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