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Since 1961, Howell Book House has been America's premier publisher of pet books. We're dedicated to companion animals and the people who love them, and our books reflect that commitment. Our stable of authors—training experts, veterinarians, breeders, and other authorities—is second to none. And we've won more Maxwell Awards from the Dog Writers Association of America than any other publisher.

As we head toward the half-century mark, we're more committed than ever to providing new and innovative books, along with the classics our readers have grown to love. This year, we're launching several exciting new initiatives, including redesigning the Howell Book House logo and revamping our biggest pet series, Your Happy Healthy PetTM, with bold new covers and updated content. From bringing home a new puppy to competing in advanced equestrian events, Howell has the titles that keep animal lovers coming back again and again.


Part I: The World of the

Jack Russell Terrier 9

Chapter 1: What Is a Jack Russell Terrier? 11

A Hunting Dog 11

Active, Determined Companions 13

JRTs and Children 14

Not a Latchkey Dog 14

The Jack Russell Terrier Standard 15

Chapter 2: The Jack Russell's History 19

The Fox Terrier 19

The Reverend Jack Russell 21

After Jack Russell 22

JRTs in America 23

Chapter 3: Why Choose a Jack Russell Terrier? 27

Not an Apartment Dog 28

Courageous and Reckless 30

Two Jack Russells? 31

Jack Russell Puppies 32

Other Pets 32

Thriving on Praise 33

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Jack Russell Terrier 34

JRTCA Breeders 34

Jack Russell Rescue 37

Where Not to Get a Jack Russell 38

Part II: Caring for Your

Jack Russell Terrier 41

Chapter 5: Bringing Home Your

Jack Russell Terrier 42

Time to Shop 42

Puppy Essentials 43

Puppy-Proofing 46

The Big Day 47

Puppy-Proofing Your Home 48

Crate Training 50

Routine 51

Bringing Home an Adult Dog 52

Chapter 6: Feeding Your Jack Russell Terrier 54

Feeding Your Jack Russell Puppy 54

Feeding the Older Jack Russell 56

Free Feeding? 56

What to Feed Your JRT 56

Reading Dog Food Labels 57

Chapter 7: Grooming Your Jack Russell Terrier 61

The Jack Russell Coat 61

Bathing 66

How to Trim Nails 67

Dealing with Parasites 68

Making Your Environment Flea Free 70

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Jack Russell

Terrier Healthy 74

Preventive Care 74

Internal Parasites 77

Problems Seen in the Jack Russell 82

First-Aid Situations 84

How to Make a Canine First-Aid Kit 85

When to Call the Veterinarian 92

Dogfights 92

Spaying and Neutering 94

Part III: Enjoying Your Jack Russell Terrier 99

Chapter 9: Training Your Jack Russell Terrier 100

Understanding Builds the Bond 101

Practical Commands for Family Pets 107

Training for Attention 116

Teaching Cooperation 119

Chapter 10: Housetraining Your

Jack Russell Terrier 120

Your Housetraining Shopping List 120

The First Day 122

Confine Your Pup 124

Watch Your Pup 127

Accidents Happen 128

Scheduling Basics 130

Appendix: Learning More About Your

Jack Russell Terrier 133

Some Good Books 133

Magazines 134

Clubs and Registries 135

Web Sites 136

Index 137

Shopping List

You'll need to do a bit of stocking-up before you bring your new dog or puppy home. Below is a basic list of some must-have supplies. For more detailed information on the selection of each item below, consult Chapter 5. For specific guidance on what grooming tools you'll need, review Chapter 7.

O Food dish

□ Crate

□ Water dish

□ Nail clippers

O Dog food

O Grooming tools

O Leash

□ Chew toys

□ Collar

O Toys

□ ID tag

There are likely to be a few other items that you're dying to pick up before bringing your dog home. Use the following blanks to note any additional items you'll be shopping for.

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