Grooming Your Jack Russe Terrier

Terrier is considered a no-frills kind of dog, all working terriers need their coats maintained to keep them efficient and neat. Weekly maintenance of the Jack Russell Terrier's coat will give you a chance to look your dog over carefully and make sure all is in good order.

This chapter outlines procedures for the thorough care and grooming of your JRT's coat. However, the average dog will do just as well with basic grooming, together with proper care of the nails and feet and attention to health matters.

The real object is to get your hands on your dog daily or, at the very least, weekly. Doing this, you will have an opportunity to bond with your dog while giving him a thorough health inspection. Make it a really fun time for both of you. Your dog will come away looking and feeling his best, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are taking the best possible care of him.

The Jack Russell is a double-coated breed, which means he has a dense undercoat with a harsh overcoat that will protect him from the elements and the underbrush. The coat comes in three varieties: smooth, broken, and rough. Smooth coats shed more freely than the rough or broken coats, but if you are uncomfortable finding white hairs year round on your clothing and furniture, be warned that this is unavoidable with a Jack Russell in your home.

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