Even the sweetest dog in the world may try to bite you out of instinct if you handle her when she is injured or in pain. Get a secure, comfortable muzzle and practice putting it on the dog for successively longer periods, up to a few minutes at a time. Try to make this fun, be gentle, and reward her for calmly accepting the restraint. If your dog is at least familiar with a muzzle ahead of time, she may be spared the added anxiety of having to cope with a strange new device when she has been hurt.

If you race your Jack Russell at a terrier trial, she will be very familiar with wearing a muzzle without any disagreement. Some associate the muzzle with the fun of racing.

If an emergency arises and you do not have a muzzle, you can make one from a strip of soft cloth, a necktie, or even a stocking. Keep the dog calm and speak to her in a reassuring tone of voice. Holding one end of the cloth in each hand, make a loop, and close it with a half-knot. Slip the loop around the Jack Russell's muzzle, with the half-knot on top, and tighten it. Make a second loop The sooner you take your dog to the vet when you around the muzzle and tighten it suspect an illness, the quicker she will recover.

Jack Russell Snapping Muzzle

Go to the vet right away or take your dog to an emergency veterinary clinic if:

• Your dog is having trouble breathing.

• Your dog has been injured and you cannot stop the bleeding within a few minutes.

• Your dog has been stung or bitten by an insect and the site is swelling.

• Your dog has been bitten by a snake.

• Your dog has been bitten by another animal (including a dog) and shows any swelling or bleeding.

• Your dog has touched, licked, or in any way been exposed to a poison.

• Your dog has been burned by either heat or caustic chemicals.

• Your dog has any obvious broken bones or cannot put any weight on one of her limbs.

Make an appointment to see the vet as soon as possible if:

• Your dog has been bitten by a cat, another dog, or a wild animal.

• Your dog has been injured and is still limping an hour later.

with a half-knot underneath. Bring the ends of the cloth around the back of the neck and tie them together securely.

Dogfights are common among Jack Russells. Not only will they fight among themselves, but they will often try to get it on with the biggest dog in the neighborhood, facing the danger that they will be shaken to death by a very annoyed animal many times their size. Puncture wounds from dogfights have a tendency to become infected, as well.

• Your dog has unexplained swelling or redness.

• Your dog's appetite changes.

• Your dog vomits repeatedly and can't seem to keep food down, or drools excessively while eating.

• You see any changes in your dog's urination or defecation (pain during elimination, change in regular habits, blood in urine or stool, diarrhea, foul-smelling stool).

• Your dog scoots her rear end on the floor.

• Your dog's energy level, attitude, or behavior changes for no apparent reason.

• Your dog has crusty or cloudy eyes, or excessive tearing or discharge.

• Your dog's nose is dry or chapped, hot, crusty, or runny.

• Your dog's ears smell foul, have a dark discharge, or seem excessively waxy.

• Your dog's gums are inflamed or bleeding, her teeth look brown, or her breath is foul.

• Your dog's skin is red, flaky, itchy, or inflamed, or she keeps chewing at certain spots.

• Your dog's coat is dull, dry, brittle, or bare in spots.

• Your dog's paws are red, swollen, tender, cracked, or the nails are split or too long.

• Your dog is panting excessively, wheezing, unable to catch her breath, breathing heavily or sounds strange when she breathes.

Among themselves, same-sex fights are the most common and fights between females have a history of being the most heated. It is not at all uncommon to have to place one of the offending scrappers in another household.

Prevention is the best cure. Keep your Jack Russell confined in a securely fenced yard, or leashed when you are walking in public places. Keep no more than two Jack Russells together, preferably spayed and neutered animals of the opposite sex.

If two dogs begin to square off, a distraction quickly created may end the episode. Throwing water on fighting dogs or sharply snapping a hound crop can sometimes end a confrontation if it has just begun. If the dogs are really into it and have a secure hold on each other, never try to pull them apart; you will cause more

Two Jack Russell Fighting

damage to the dogs and risk getting bitten by accident when the two dogs are trying to make contact with each other and get you instead. To break up a fight, it is necessary to securely hold both dogs on the ground or floor until one lets go, at which time you have to move fast to get them locked away from each other!

Once a serious fight has occurred between two individual dogs, it is likely that the animosity will continue and that they never will be able to be together again. Each one seems to hold a grudge against the other. Even a series of apparently minor scraps seem to escalate in seriousness with each successive altercation. Permanently separate the offending dogs and avoid the possibility of serious injury or worse down the line.

Be aware that there is a difference between the rough-and-tumble, seemingly angry play between two JRTs and a real fight. You will clearly recognize that difference if you ever have the misfortune of being present when two JRTs decide to take each other on. It is not pretty and it is not fun.

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