Other Pets

If you have other small pets, you must know that gerbils, birds, and even reptiles become the objects of the Jack Russell's compulsion to hunt. Any small pet may become the focus of the dog's unwavering attention. These dogs will give up sleep to focus on the pet. Their strong hunting instinct is ready and loaded.

As a rule, Jack Russells are not good companions with cats. Very few can ever fully be trusted with cats. Even when a dog is raised with a cat, the day may come that is not a happy one for the cat. No domestic animal more resembles the fox than a cat. The Jack Russell will decide to hunt the cat just as eagerly as his ancestors hunted fox.

A Jack Russell and chickens is about the most hopeless combination of animals there can be. The motion and squawking put the dog on overload.

Not long ago, my next-door neighbor had surgery, so his nephew kept his Jack Russell, Buckeye, for a few days while his uncle was in the hospital. Buckeye had been mannerly around our chickens. But during his stay with the nephew, he met a talking parrot. As the bird flew off his perch to land on the shoulder of the nephew, Buckeye jumped up and caught the bird in midair in front of horrified children and the woman who had patiently taught the bird to talk.

This breed possesses prey drive and simply cannot resist the opportunity to be full of surprises—not all of them good. They are adept at catching things, and sometimes they just cannot remember or recognize the limits of the game. They write their own rules to suit the moment.

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