Preventive Care

Most health problems are preventable. Vaccinations, a yearly health examination by your dog's veterinarian, good nutrition, adequate daily exercise, and loving companionship are the most important things you can provide for your dog to keep her healthy, both mentally and physically.

As soon as possible after you bring home your puppy or adult dog, you should take her to your veterinarian for a physical examination, any vaccinations that are due, a parasite check, and, if necessary, worming. In addition to the pedigree and stud certificate, the breeder or previous owner should have provided you with the dog's health records, current through the date of purchase.

Be sure to discuss your dog's vaccination schedule with your veterinarian. Not all dogs need all vaccines, and decisions must be made (see the box on page 78). Some dog owners, not wanting to over-vaccinate their dogs with routine injections, have blood tests called titers done once a year to check their dog's immunity levels.

Make your trip to the veterinarian a pleasant one. You should not act nervous or make a fuss over the trip or any procedure, as your Jack Russell will be sure to pick up on your feelings. Your dog's introduction to his doctor should be very matter-of-fact.

Another important component of preventive care is making sure all the working parts of your working terrier are in good order. Keeping eyes, ears, and teeth clean and healthy is important for maintaining a happy, healthy pet.

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