Shock is a danger to Jack Russells who may have exerted themselves greatly and have been without water for a period of time. Shock may also result from accident, injury, or blood loss. The dog will be weak and have pale gums, take shallow breaths, and have a rapid, weak pulse. Her eyes will have a glazed look and her body temperature will be low.

Any dog in shock must be kept warm. Immediately wrap the dog in a blanket or your own jacket and get her to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Choosing the right kind of dog food you provide is probably the most critical decision you'll ever make for your dog- puppy or senior. Dog food nutrition without delay impacts every facet of your dog's life. Aspects such as how pups grow, their behavior practices, health, overall well-being and physical appearance are all tightly linked to the nutrition dog owners provide. Needless to say, this is an enormous responsibility.

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