Feeding More than One

If you are feeding more than one puppy or dog, it is best to keep them separated, preferably serving them in their individual crates. That way, you will avoid conflict and you can be sure that each dog gets to eat her full portion. Remove any food that has not been eaten within ten or fifteen minutes.

your dog at all times) is not recom-tempting. A fat Jack Russell Terrier is not desirable, nor is she healthy. JRTs should always be in good working condition.

All calories do count. Be sure to include biscuits and treats when calculating your dog's total daily intake. A good, quick way to determine if your Jack Russell is carrying too much fat is to put your hand over her back, thumb on one side, fingers on the other, and run your hand lightly down the back. You should be able to feel the individual ribs but you should not be able to see them.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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