The Jack Russell Coat

Basic Supplies

Here's what you will need to groom your JRT:

• Bristle brush

• Grooming scissors

• Horsehair glove

• Magnet cloth

• Stripping knives, fine and coarse

• Metal flea comb

• Nail trimmer

• Rubber hound glove

• Thinning scissors

• Trimmer knife

• Styptic powder

• Volcanic rock

To begin grooming your dog, place him on a table set at a height that will make the dog easy to work with and that is comfortable for your back. A professional grooming table is easiest for this purpose; it's adjustable, has a nonskid surface, and comes with an extendable arm from which hangs a loop of leash (known as a noose) that you can use to keep your hands free for grooming. Never leave the dog unattended for even a second while he is restrained in the noose. If you must stop grooming, have a crate ready in which to place the dog until you return.

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