The Working Terrier

As the popular Fox Terrier went to the shows, John Russell and other working terrier men went into the fields and followed hounds in pursuit of quarry. Many a man lacking wealth or a fine horse would nevertheless keep a few terriers to hunt when they were not hard at work. The ability of a good working dog to afford a man some sport locating fox or badger meant more than any pedigree. With the limited transportation available in those days, the terriers were rather closely bred. The best local working dogs were bred to local bitches, and definite types began to develop region by region, with size and temperament suitable to the area. All of these types were called "hunt" or "fox" terriers.

These working terriers have also been residents of stables for many years. Many are very adept at hunting vermin. The characteristics of gameness, hardiness, and intelligence have shaped this dog to several jobs over the years. Sometimes other breeds were crossed for the necessities of the work or terrain the terrier was applied to. But always the dog had to remain a small dog able to enter an earthen den and game enough to want to. The Jack Russell Terrier remained at work, and the show ring terrier became known as the Fox Terrier.

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