Thriving on Praise

Most Jack Russells seek approval. They will go to great lengths to win praise. They so want attention that their behavior can mostly be shaped favorably with praise and rewards. They thrive on praise and do not take punishment well. Training them successfully means using positive forms and never harsh methods.

If they are not given approval, some may misbehave to get your full attention. Jack Russells do not like to be ignored. They so want to be liked that somehow when entering a room of people they will target the one person who is not interested in them and try to win them over. They will turn themselves inside out to be loved and to love back.

They are very sensitive to the moods of their owners. They seem to sense your feelings and will snuggle or lick a hand as if to console and extend understanding. They generally want to be in contact with your body or quite close. As I write, my young dog Twister either is under my chair or resting his head on my foot. both, and he will be an amazing companion.

Your dog seeks your love and approval Give him

Chapter 4

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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