Jack Russells love toys, and appropriate ones are necessary for all stages of their lives. Hard rubber or nylon toys are best, but soft rubber squeaky toys are not at all suitable. They are easily torn apart, and the squeaker is small enough for the dog to choke on. The soft rubber usually ends up shredded and swallowed.

Hard rubber balls are always a favorite, and the ones with a channel cut through them are easy for little mouths to carry. Rope toys with hard rubber chew areas are very suitable and come in many shapes and sizes. Just be careful you do not leave your dog working on any toy he can chew into dangerously small pieces.

Chew hooves are a good source of hours of chewing for a Jack Russell. Rawhide chew strips are favored by some, but do not offer the ones with the twisted ends. A dog can get the end pieces loose and choke to death on them.

Never give your dog an old shoe or slipper to chew on. He will not know the difference between the old shoe and your good shoes. In fact, never allow your puppy or dog to chew on anything that is not meant for that activity, and always be ready to provide him with a good toy as a substitute for whatever forbidden item might be in his mouth. In distracting the puppy from such negative behavior, be sure to praise him for accepting the substitution.

Rotate your dog's toys so he does not get bored.

Toys arent just for little puppies. Dogs need appropriate toys all their lives.
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