Two Jack Russells

The Jack Russell's willful ways require patient and loving guidance. Some owners get the idea that if they get two, the dogs will entertain each other. Two JRTs can become very close and enjoy each other's company, but a Jack Russell may not get along with another breed or another JRT of the same sex.

They have steadfast friendships with some dogs and strong dislikes to other dogs. They are somewhat snobbish and take to their own better than to other breeds. In a large gathering of Jack Russells, it takes only one dog of another breed or another color to get them all protesting. The one exception is hounds, for whom Jack Russells have a built-in respect, perhaps because they have hunted with them for generations.

It is best to keep only two Jack Russells together, and they should be of opposite genders. They are inclined to fight, especially dogs of the same sex, and if they do there will be no peace. When two females square off, the enmity between them can be to the death. Even catching the scent of the dog they dislike can raise their hackles in anticipation of a battle. Many owners report having to keep one dog crated or in a kennel while the other dog is out. Their politics are very complicated and baffled owners often have no idea why the sudden animosity has hatched. One thing is for sure, though: There is no cure. I offer this advice because the appeal of the Jack Russell makes one inclined to have more than one. Managing a pack of Jack Russells is a lot like taking preschoolers to the ballet.

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