Wildlife Encounters

The call of the wild is irresistible to Jack Russells. On any given day, while walking in the woods your Jack Russell may find himself face to face with some form of wildlife. A groundhog bite heals quickly and rarely infects, but an encounter with a raccoon is a more serious matter. Raccoons may carry rabies or coonhound paralysis, and they have been known to drown even large dogs if they are near a body of water. Raccoons who are seen during daylight hours are probably sick. They should be avoided at all costs.

Skunks are also to be avoided, and not just for the obvious reason. Along with raccoons, skunks often carry rabies. If a skunk sprays a Jack Russell in close quarters (such as in a hole), the dog is at risk of dying. The spraying affects lung function and it is vital to get the dog to a veterinarian immediately for oxygen This dog has treed a squirrel. Wildlife encounters ^ additional treatment. If the can hold many dangers for your JRT.

How to Make a Canine First-Aid Kit

If your dog hurts herself, even a minor cut, it can be very upsetting for both of you. Having a first-aid kit handy will help you to help her, calmly and efficiently. What should be in your canine first-aid kit?

• Activated charcoal

• Antibiotic ointment

• Antiseptic and antibacterial cleansing wipes

• Cotton-tipped applicators

• Disposable razor

• Elastic wrap bandages

• Extra leash and collar

• First-aid tape of various widths

• Gauze bandage roll

• Gauze pads of different sizes, including eye pads

• Hydrogen peroxide

• Instant cold compress

• Kaopectate tablets or liquid

• Lubricating jelly

• Milk of magnesia

• Nail clippers

• Pen, pencil, and paper for notes and directions

• Round-ended scissors and pointy scissors

• Sterile saline eyewash

• Thermometer (rectal)

• Tweezers spraying is above ground, there are commercial products that are effective to reduce the odor. Also, bathing the dog in tomato juice is still accepted as being quite effective.

Porcupine quills must be removed quickly and completely by a veterinarian. The quills are very painful and will continue to work themselves deeper and deeper into the dog. There are cases where porcupine quills have killed Jack Russells. Treatment must not be delayed.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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