Doorman Doordog

People are always leaving doors open and letting in the cold air and this can be really irritating! It is time for you to use the services of your doggie and teach him to shut doors. Let us see how to go about it!

1 Go to a room with a door that can be pushed shut.

2 Let the door remain aj ar.

3 Hold a treat that your Lab loves close to the door at the height of the dog's nose.

4 Call your doggie to you.

5 He will follow his nose and head for the treat in your hand near the door.

6 Now remove the treat.

7 As you remove the treat, make sure that your act of removing the treat makes your doggie shut the door with his paws and nose.

8 When the door is shut, say "Shut Door" and shower him with praise and give him his treat.

9 Keep repeating this exercise until he understands fully what "Shut Door" means.

10 Soon he will follow your command, even without your offering him a treat.

And voila! You have a doorman (door-dog) at your service! 2 Doggie - Turn off the Light

Get into bed, sink your head into your soft pillow, pull up the sheets, and call out to your doggie to turn off the light. No, this is not just a dream! You can make it a dream come true! And this is how you go about it.

1 With your doggie's favorite treat in your hand, position yourself near the light switch.

2 Beckon your dog to you.

3 He will eagerly come towards you to get his treat.

4 Just as he moves towards the treat, move the treat away and let his paw hit the light switch and turn the light off.

5 As soon as he hits the switch and turns the light off, say "Lights Off."

6 Now reward him with his treat.

7 Soon he will recognize the command and you will be able to stand at a distance and ask him to turn the "Lights Off."

8 After some time you will be able to recline anywhere and your willing aide will help you to put your "Lights Off."

And lucky you can luxuriate in the comfort of having someone else turn off the lights for you!

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