Advantages of training a Labrador Retriever

A well-trained Labrador Retriever is an asset to you and his training is a big help to him also. Here are some of the spin-offs of a well-trained dog.

5 His exemplary behavior is the key to his acceptance in society. You can let him loose among your friends and family without any fear of his misbehaving. You do not have to supervise his movements all the time.

6 When you have spent a good amount of time training your dog yourself, you will be able to gauge and analyze any changes in his behavior. Thus you will be able to detect any symptoms of oncoming illness. Early detection definitely goes a long way in treating an illness.

7 Your well-trained dog will allow you to check his body for any external injuries, fleas, or ticks. Detection will enable you to provide the right type of medication.

8 A Lab is a wonderful companion. So when trained, he will enjoy being near you and listening to you pamper him with praise and instructions. This is one method of keeping him safe and near you.

9 You will enjoy going for a walk or run with your dog obediently and faithfully beside you on a leash.

10 When your dog obeys commands such as "Drop it" or "Leave it," you have built up a safety net. So if he picks up something that is dangerous, he will drop it as soon as you tell him to do so.

11 Teaching him not to cross physical boundaries such as gates, fences, or doors are also teaching him safety.

12 Obedience training is also essential for the overall welfare of your dog. It can help prevent potential tragedies from occurring. If your dog were to somehow escape from his leash and / or collar and dart out into the street with oncoming traffic, you can control him just by using verbal commands. You can ask him to stop, sit, or stay until you have reached him and secured him sufficiently.

13 A well-trained dog is happier in human society because of the freedom that he is able to enjoy. He can even walk into stores where you shop! He will not embarrass you with any untoward behavior. His excellent manners will, on the other hand, garner welcome attention from your co-shoppers and staff at the store.

14 A trained Lab is definitely much more responsive than an untrained dog. Proper socialization plays a major role in such behavior. If a dog somehow lands up at an animal shelter, then a trained dog has a much better chance of getting adopted than an untrained dog.

15 Above all, your Labrador Retriever will make an excellent companion with whom you can foster a wonderful and lasting relationship when he is well-trained. This relationship is based on mutual trust, confidence, and a golden bond of undying friendship. You are his friend, guide, and mentor for life. This builds a platform of mutual respect and understanding as well an unbreakable bond of love.

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