B Obedience Training

Obedience or etiquette training includes obeying simple conventional commands such as the following. ^ Sit •=> Down

Heel and many more. It provides a foundation for dealing with canine related issues. Training opens up channels of communication with your dog. Communication enables you to convey to your dog what exactly it is that you want him to do.

With this type of training your dog will be prompt and precise in executing your order. This type of training is very essential for your daily co-existence with your dog. This training truly makes dogs obedient to their masters. It is necessary for the safe survival of your Lab. It is not some kind of forced and artificial activity.

Obedience training can prove to be instrumental in helping to keep your dog safe and well too. Once your Lab has learned to respond to your verbal commands, he will listen to you under any circumstances. Thus if one day he gets out on a busy road without his leash, you will be able to ask him to stay at one place until you go and fetch him.

Besides day to day household survival commands, obedience training covers lessons for professional dogs such as dogs used for sniffing out narcotics, bombs, etc. Service dogs used to help handicapped people and search & rescue dogs also need to be trained very well in obeying commands. This makes them very useful to human beings.

Here are some major advantages of obedience training.

1 Obedience training helps solve doggie behavioral problems. When you teach your Lab something new and he does what you want and you praise him for it, a lovely new personality emerges from your dog.

2 A wonderful feeling of bonding and great friendship grows with obedience training. The bonding enables you to recognize your pet's needs and interpret his behavior as well.

3 When your dog obeys you, he gets a natural instinctive feeling of belonging to a pack and following a leader.

4 Your already intelligent Lab's intelligence levels will rise even further with the obedience training that you give him.

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