Barking for no apparent reason

Barking is a very natural phenomenon for a Labrador Retriever. It was a means of communication of the dog with his master when the dog was used to retrieve hunted game. Today a dog that is domesticated and brought home to be a pet and companion will bark for numerous other reasons. Some of these reasons could be as follows.

1 When he is bored, lonely, distressed or scared.

2 To attract attention.

3 Barking when defending his territory.

Excessive barking can also be accompanied by howling, which sounds really sad and morose. But there are very simple remedies for this excessive barking in most cases.

1 Exercise

2 Healthy food

3 Plenty of love

4 Tender care

Make your dog feel wanted. Regulate the temperature of the room so that it is in comfortable levels. Do not leave him in a dark room. Dark rooms can be rather desolate. Leave a light on if you are unlikely to be home before it gets dark. To give him a feeling of companionship, turn the television set on or let there be some music fill the room. All of these factors will add up to reducing his tendency to bark or howl in excess.

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