Biting without any provocation

Here are some factors that can be instrumental in exciting your dog into sinking his sharp teeth into a persons flesh. x Anger x Fear x Illness x Sudden movements x Unexpected noises

How do you recognize the fact that your dog may be bracing himself to attack? Observe whether his ears are lying low against his head, his hair standing up on his back and legs, or he is emitting deep and low throaty growls. These are indications that he is going into self-defense mode. So watch out!

So what should you do when you are faced with such a situation? FREEZE. Yes, do not move. Quick movements only frighten the dog further. Slowly count up to five under your breath. Then move very slowly. Slow movements are indications that you are not his enemy.

Another thing NOT TO DO is staring into your dog's eyes. Your dog will get the feeling that you are daring him to attack. Also, never shout at him or throw any sticks or stones. Once your dog is calm, he will listen to you. If you still find him snappy, it would be best to consult your vet. Extreme cases might require your dog to be muzzled.

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