Can I get control at all over the rather excessive barking of my

If your doggie is really barking so much in excess that he disturbs not only you, but also the neighborhood in general, then you have to be really firm with him. You will have to try to hold him and try to get him to close his mouth and say "No bark." Of course exercise great care when you are trying to shut his mouth. Do not hurt him or yourself. When he does stop barking you must praise him for doing so. Of course you cannot stop barking altogether. After all, it is your dog's mode of conveying to you that there are strangers around. Barking can also alert you about perils like fire too.

Barking cannot be discouraged altogether as sometimes it is the barking that alerts us to the presence of an intruder or fire. Monitor the barking so that he must learn when to stop. Say: "No bark" and make him "sit"-- when he listens, treat him/praise him.

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