Do not criticize your dog to such an extent that you become a nag. Your dog thrives on praise. So when you have to correct him, instead of criticizing him use a firm "NO" to prevent him from indulging in incorrect mannerisms.

For instance, if you catch him climbing on to your sofa, firmly say "No." You can use your hand to push him away. Then guide him towards his toys or to his bed to show him the kind of behavior that you approve of.

With the right kind of voice modulation, your doggie will know just when you are displeased with him. When you correct him, make sure your words are short and sharp. Do not nag or keep on scolding him. And in no situation should you beat him, kick him, or hit him. Use of physical force will only make things go sour between you. It will also turn your dog into a shy, scared, and aggressive dog. Such dogs are really not very pleasant to have around.

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