Digging holes

Digging is another very common doggie trait. Your Lab will dig to bury bones, chase and retrieve prey, or just for the sake of entertaining himself. Digging is a very inherent characteristic for a Retriever, so you really have to use your ingenuity to prevent him from doing so.

It is also a trait that you, as a Lab owner, will not really like. After all, you do not want unsightly holes appearing all over your well-manicured or smooth, clean yard. So one good idea would be to provide one area of your yard where your Lab can dig to his heart's content. This intelligent animal will soon recognize the area where he can freely dig.

Another thing that you will have to ensure is to keep your yard and garden free of other living creatures such as rodents, rabbits, or raccoons. The presence of these animals can trigger your doggie's hunter instincts and drive him simply berserk.

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