Do Labrador Retrievers like swimming

They love to swim and take to water quite naturally. This again stems from the fact that their ancestors were trained to retrieve game from water. But this does not mean that you can just toss your little pup into the water and expect him to swim. He has to learn how to swim just like he has to learn everything else.

If there is an adult dog to imitate, your pup will learn how to swim from him. If not you too could wade into the water and let him follow. But just watch out for those sharp little puppy claws! They will really dig into you if he tries to climb up on you while in the water!

When you first introduce your pup to a large body of water, let the entry be very gradual. There should be no current in the water and there should be no sharp drop. Allow your pup to splash around by himself. Gradually he will gain the confidence to go deeper and swim on his own.

A word of warning, do not let your dog go alone into the water. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, he might find it difficult to get out. He also needs help to get out of the pool. Another thing is that Labs shed quite a lot of hair, so check your filter to prevent it from getting clogged with doggie hair.

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