Dog fights

When you have a well-trained Labrador Retriever with you, you will find that he will not get into unnecessary scrapes with other animals. This is because of the discipline that training ingrains in him. When you are with him and you sense that things are getting rather tense and a fight may be in the offing, just ask him to sit or stay. Then, gradually diffuse the situation by slowly taking him away from the potentially volatile scene.

Do not yell or scream at your dog. This will only excite him further and add fuel to the fire. If a dogfight does start, spray the sparring dogs with water, preferably from a hose. Aim at the legs and not at the head.

If there is no water hose near by, the owners must try to grab their respective dogs by their tails to break up the fight. Grabbing the dog's tail will lift the dog's hind legs off the ground. This will startle them and take their minds off the fight.

Once the fight is history, make your dog understand that this kind of behavior will not be accepted or condoned. You have to be very firm about this.

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