Doggie Alarm

Hmm, what about having a nice, loving, devoted, furry doggie licking your face to drag you out of the depths of slumber? Sounds good doesn't it! So much better than the strident notes of a rather rudely ringing alarm clock!

Well go ahead and use the intelligence of your Labrador Retriever to do this job for you. And this is how you go about doing so.

1 Initially get up before it is time for your alarm to ring.

2 Once it rings call your Lab to you. He will come running and clamber on to your bed and start licking your sleepy face. Let him do so.

3 As the alarm ceases to ring, order him off the bed.

4 Repeated practice of this scene will teach your Lab that as soon as the alarm rings, he must jump on to your bed and lick you till you wake up.

What better way to start your day than with loving licks from your much-loved dog?

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